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The Backward Flying Angel Story ReviewsThe Backward Flying Angel Story Reviews





Here we have examples from two people with different life experiences and how these magnificent animals evoke powerful images.

The angel bird I saw was not an albino.  Because of its black eyes, bill, and feet, the official name is leucistic.


The Backward Flying Angel Story Reviews

“The author paints poignant and humorous images with words.  The images and true stories demonstrate the importance of generational teaching, leading, and learning.”

– Kari Commerford, M.A.
Clinical Psychology

Other Reviews:

Although The Backward Flying Angel seems simple at first read, it can be read on many different levels and from the point of view of different generations.  Thoroughly enjoyable.

As a lifetime golfer, I found the golfing story entertaining and thought-provoking.  Etiquette, mentoring, and friendly needling made me feel like I was playing along with them.  What better way to bond?  The author is right.  Golf lessons and life lessons can be learned on a course.

A sweet, poignant story for all generations. The reader can see the images as a grandparent, parent, child, or grandchild and feel the emotions.

We all view life based on our individual life experiences and these stories demonstrate that. The Backward Flying Angel is elegant, humorous, and evocative. Great read!